FLIP Tokenomics


Token Name: FLIP DAO Symbol: FLIP Total Supply: 1 Billion FLIP

Token Allocation

  • SNS Sale: 33% (330 Million FLIP)

  • Team: 10% (100 Million FLIP)

  • Investors: 7% (70 Million FLIP)

  • NFT Holders: 2% (20 Million FLIP)

  • Airdrop: 5% (50 Million)

  • Treasury: 43% (430 Million FLIP)

SNS Sale: 33% tokens will be allocated for SNS sale, which will be distributed in 5 equal baskets with a dissolve delay of 0,3,6,9,12 months. Team: 10% will be allocated to dev team which is vested over 3 years with a dissolve delay of 1 month. The tokens will be distributed in 7 equal neuron baskets with vesting period of 0,6,12,18,24,30,36 months. Investors: 7% will be allocated to seed investors which will be distributed in 5 neuron baskets vested over 1 year with a dissolve delay of 1 month. NFT Holder Allocation: A total of 2% will be allocated to IC Flip NFT holders which will be distributed through DAO governance post SNS. Airdrop: A total of 5% allocated to community airdrop. This allocation will b used to airdrop tokens against other major projects in IC, Flip House users & partners etc. This allocation will be under the control and governance of FLIP DAO. Treasury: Remaining 43% will be under Flip DAO treasury, this will be used for various development purpose of Flip House project under the governance of FLIP DAO.

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